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Power LED is a French human-sized company based in Rhône-Alpes and specialized in high-power horticultural lighting.

Officially created in 2018 by Karim R., it is the result of many years of research and prototyping to finally end up with a range of lighting that meets the needs of the most demanding modern gardeners.

The brand’s stated objective is to offer growers a powerful, reliable and economical lighting solution that is adapted to every growing space.

The origin of the Power LED concept was born from various findings, well known to indoor gardeners, related to the use of HPS bulbs =

  • Difficulties in managing temperature and humidity in confined spaces.
  • Reliability of the equipment over time (expensive ballasts and degradation of the luminous flux with the use of bulbs,…).
  • Electricity consumption .

It is with the aim of improving these 3 points that the first led prototypes have been made.

In a second step, the needs in terms of productivity and adaptability of the developed systems appeared. By choosing to dissociate the spectra specific to each phase of the plant, Power LED offers high-power lighting from 40W to 500W available, with constant flux, available in 6000k Growth version and 3000k Flowering version. A Full Spectrum 4000K version also completes our range this year.

The adaptability of the lighting solutions to the various places of use also involves the design of a specific bulb model, intended for growers who already have a CFL or HPS, MH installation.

Replacing this type of bulb with this model reduces electricity consumption without having to modify the installation. This marks the end of expensive ballasts, while benefiting from a watt/lumens ratio of more than 130lm/watt, making old technologies obsolete.

Power LED has also focused on the design of directional panels capable of diffusing the luminous flux at 280° throughout the growing area. The advantages of these directional panels are the uniformity of the crops and the considerable reduction of the intrinsic heat of the installation.

Already present in the catalog of many grow-shops and specialized distributors in France and Europe, Power LED gives today via this website, the possibility to the greatest number of people to take the step and enjoy the benefits offered by the latest technology Led Horticultural!

the Company

Karim R.

Managing Director

Jim B.

Public & Commercial Relations

Power LED in the media

Interview with the online magazine Soft Secrets February 17, 2020, Power LED, “Technology at the service of farmers”. Follow this link to read the full interview.

interview excerpt

SSFR: It seems that the LED sector is always on the move and it’s not easy to find your way through all the models on offer. What are the main types of LEDs currently on the market?

Karim: First of all it is important to remember that the LED (lightemitting diode) or light-emitting diode (LED) in French, was invented in 1907. This technology consists of obtaining lighting via multiple diodes. Secondly, the horticultural LED market appeared a little more than ten years ago. It is a recent and growing market.

In addition to their low energy consumption, horticultural LEDs also give off little heat and have a lifespan that can be up to 10 times longer than MH / HPS bulbs. The main types of lighting such as the CXB 3590, full spectrum panels use only one panel for the growing and flowering phase. However, several laboratory studies have shown that each growing phase needs a defined wavelength. Thus the vegetative phase requires 6000/6500K and the flowering phase requires 2700/3000K.