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LED Indoor Grow Lights

Power Led offers a range of LED Indoor Grow Lights available in different spectrum to meet all the expectations of indoor growers! From the dedicated spectrum 3°K Special Flowering and 6°K Special Growth, to the complete spectrum 4°K and 4°K reinforced in Ultra Violet / Infra Red.

Pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-performance LED panels, Power Led is committed to your side for a perennial and abundant production.

The Led technology and its many advantages offers today to everyone the possibility to have a space of interior culture at home. The demand for self-production of fruits, berries, vegetables and fresh herbs that can be cultivated independently of the seasons has been on the rise in recent years. Power Led will help you to make the technological transition with the best LED Indoor Grow Lights.

Free shipping from 199€ for France, and 369€ for the rest of Europe.